Effective Risk Management
Effective Risk Management

EliminateRisk.com offers the following services to business:

- Risk Management

- Risk Strategy Design & Definition

- Undertaking & Facilitating Risk Identification Workshops

- Qualitative Risk Assessment

- Quantitative Risk Assessments (using Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques)

- Risk Management Training

- Risk Facilitator Coaching

EliminateRisk.com also have toolsets and training material which can be tailored to fit your business requirements, including:

Interactive Risk Register / Report
A complete package enabling you to provide an overview of the Project Risk Strategy, Full Risk Register, Automated Probability-Impact Grids using Qualitative Assessments and the ability to drive Monte-Carlo Quantitative simulation modelling software (e.g. @Risk).
This toolset is available in MS Excel format and will provide an essential asset to your Project / Risk Managers.

Risk Management Training Material
MS Powerpoint slideshow outlining the Risk Management Process and providing clear guidelines on how to achieve good practise Risk Management in your business.

Risk Facilitator Training Material
MS Powerpoint slideshow used to develop your Project Managers skillset to enable them to run effective Risk Identification Workshops and use a wide-range of tools to help them.

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